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“Survival Skills for Trying Times” teaches you three simple techniques you can do anywhere that get you out of emotional overwhelm and into a calm headspace.

In less than two weeks you’ll:

  • learn to recognize when your emotions are running the show and get out of chaos and into calm quickly and easily  
  • learn to not get overwhelmed when the unexpected happens
  • take back control
  • see opportunities where you thought there were none and go after them even if it scares you
  • reimagine a new, kick-ass future and make powerful decisions that support what you want 

The program includes:

Two 30-minute private coaching sessions (because personalized support is key for your success)

Five bite-sized videos (less than 20 minutes each) you can watch online anytime, even at midnight in your jammies

A downloadable pdf for each lesson to help you practice your new skills